Hari Keluarga & Desert Night

It has been long since my last entry..Owh man, I was so damn busy for the last three weeks..Assignments and assessable tutorial questions really drove me crazy..Thank God I am done with all that stuffs..Now I need to put back myself together and start doing serious revisions for my finals..Not now, maybe tomorrow..Hope so =)

Well, today I had two events..How to study right..? =b The first one was Hari Keluarga by MASCOM held near Lennox Lake..For this event, I was one of the committee member..Not official, just an additional committee..More to
sukarelawan laa..My job was to be the referee for all the games organized but I turn to be the MASCOM's driver of the day..Adeyhh, quite tired with several trips to-and-fro Lennox Lake..Done with the trips, I got back my position as the referee.. Plenty of games organized by MASCOM such as Belon Terbang, Lipas Kudung, Lu Pikir La Sendiri, Menara Straw, Badminlon and several more..

Then, it was lunch time..The food was awesome, damn nice..Thx to Aunty Anoi and her crews..Around 2.30 pm, we had the closing ceremony..The champion was Rumah Biru lead by Lemi, the captain..

..the committee..

At night, I attended another event, Desert Night in Bruce Hall by MSO..Though I reached there an hour late, the queue was still long..So many Malaysians were there..Due to they provided free foods maybe..Overall, the foods served was okay, a few of them were nice..Basically, they served Malay, Chinese and Indian traditional foods and drinks..

Later on, they had games session..Not interested at all, left the hall with friends..Drop by UniLodge for a while, watched Nur Kasih with Abg Syufiq before returned back home..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day Light Saving

.:. Ended today..Back to 3 hours differ from Malaysia..Damn..!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Road Trip

I left Canberra with some friends yesterday, just after submitting my law assignment..That freaking 2000 words assignment really made my life a living hell..Heee..Okay, get back to the main story..It was like a road trip for the ten of us..Our destination were Sydney and Jamberoo, a water theme park..What a great way to welcome my mid-semester break..

Roughly 6.00 in the evening, we left Canberra and headed straight to Sydney in two cars..Arrived Sydney safely, proceed to Istambul for our diner..Met some friends from UNSW and Uni of Sydney there..While eating, they asked for an indoor soccer game..No problem, the game was on..We were done with our game late at night..Went to a nearby MacD, had some drinks, chips and burgers before went back to hotel,
Buncis's house in NSW..I was damn tired, online for a while, had a chatting session with her and good night peeps..

..Kaki Lima..

The next morning, we had our breakfast at Kaki Lima..The
nasi lemak was so nice but the price..Hmm, didn't matter, just as expected..Later on, we continued our journey to Jamberoo..Got lost a few times on our way before we reached there..Jamberoo was nice, the scenery was breathtaking..Some more, the day was sunny, a perfect day to get wet..To make it short, Jamberoo was the synonym of Bukit Merah or The Lost World of Tambun..For those who never been to either places, you can just imagine Jamberoo as a small Sunway Lagoon..


Then, we went to Kaima, a place famous for its blow hole..Blow hole was just similar to glazier..Water splashed out in between rocks when there were big waves as the rocks were above the sea level..A good experience to watch such thing..It was getting dark, so we had our diner first before drove back to Canberra..Wohoo, seafood time..!! Fish and chips, prawn and fish burgers, calamari rings, oysters..They all were so delicious..


Everybody was fulled and we began our way home..Arrived Canberra around 10.00 if I was not mistaken..Overall, it was an enjoyable road trip =)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Raya Moments

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Salam Aidilfitri


Okay, sempena hari raya yang mulia ini, saya, Muhamad Imran Redzuan mengucapkan 'Salam Aidilfitri' kepada semua kaum keluarga, sahabat-sahabat dan seluruh umat Islam walau di mana jua anda berada..Sepuluh jari disusun sebagai tanda memohon maaf atas segala salah silap yang pernah saya lakukan sama ada secara sedar mahupun tidak..Semoga Syawal kali ini disambut dengan meriah serta lebih bermakna buat semua..

Dedicated to :
- Ayah, Ibu, Amai, Kak Lang & Irfan di Jitra.
- Tok & Wan di Penang & Thailand.
- Uncle2 & Aunty2.
- Cousin2.
- Hazzy.
- Jitra ClanZ.
- Hosba ClanZ.
- TaylorianZ.
- ANU ClanZ.
- Rakan2 di Aussie. (Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Monash, UNSW)
- Member2 di Facebook, Myspace & Friendster.
- Anybody who knows me.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kad Raya

Wohoo, I received two kad raya and a parcel from Malaysia..Coincidentally, both of them reached me on the same day..Today was an awesome day, indeed I was surprised and absolutely happy..I wasn't expecting for the kad raya, just waiting for my baju melayu as promised by my parents..

..kad raya..

Okay, the first kad raya was from my family; ayah, ibu and adik2..Hmm, what my parents wrote really made me sad, especially the part where ibu wrote..Adeyhh, felt like crying man..Then, my brothers and sister also wrote something for me..Damn, they all made fun of me..No duit raya for abang this year..Plus, they stacked 10 cents on the card as my duit raya..Hee..No duit raya for abang meaning nothing from Aussie for you guys this coming November yea..=b

The second
kad raya was from her..Well, what she wrote shouldn't be revealed here I guessed..HeHe..Let it be kept as my dirty little secret..Anyway, thanks a lot for the kad raya..Really appreciate that even it was not as big as the one which Nuri bought..At least, I got kad raya =)


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Salam Perantauan

Adeyhh, entry paling sedih nihh..Tahun nihh beraya sensorang laa di sini, Canberra..First time beraya tanpa parents and other family members..Memang nak balek raya dengan dorang, but takde cuti plak..Bukan takde duit, bukan takde flight ticket, bukan parents tak kasi..Contra sungguh raya this year compare to my previous raya.. Orang laen raya dalam masjid, dengartakbir..Aku raya dalam lecture hall, dengar lecture..Orang laen raya pakai baju melayu, aku raya pakai t-shirt with jeans je laa..Orang laen dengar lagu raya..Aku pun boleh dengar lagu raya, but tak feel macam di Malaysia laa..Orang laen makan kuih raya, ketupat..Aku makan kebab, pizza je laa..Orang laen dapat duit raya..Aku abihkan duit lagi di sini..HuHuu..

..Happy Aidilfitri..

So, this year, masuk newspaper je laa..Salam Perantauan..HeHe..Ini pun first time..Now I know how other students who are pursuing studies oversea feel when it comes to raya..SEDIH siot!!

.:. Do check out Metro & Berita Harian =)

Saturday, September 12, 2009


So far, sudah 20 hari umat Islam berpuasa..Damn fast..Seriously, rasa kejap sangat..Pejam celik pejam celik..Just tinggal another 10 days of Ramadhan..Then, raya laa =) BUT puasa this year laa paling mencabar for me..Because I had to do and prepare everything on my own..

Okay, start with sahur..Kalau dulu, during primary and secondary school period, bangun sahur ibu laa kejut..Bangun tido je, straight to toilet..Basuh muka, gosok gigi and terus duduk meja makan..Foods were all ready on the table..Makan je..Then, while I was doing my foundation, that time I lived in Kuala Lumpur..Consider okay lagi laa..Just kena bangun sahur sendiri, she gave calls to wake me up..Selagi tak bangun, selagi tu laa dia call..Juadah sahur suma beli from restoran Arif before tido..Nanti sahur, bangun panaskan je..NOW, bangun sahur sendiri, makanan suma prepare sendiri..

Next, waktu bebuka..Kalau dulu, juadah bebuka, ibu laa prepare..Plus, ayah beli from bazar ramadhan sikit2..I also bought something from bazar for myself, usually kuih2 and air (tebu, soya, cincau, jagung)..As a result, banyak laa makanan atas meja during bebuka..Then, while lived in Kuala Lumpur..Okay laa juga..Waktu bebuka just go to Ma Kita with some friends, our favorite kedai makan..They got various menus of foods..So, gilir2 laa menu2 tu suma..NOW, I cook for my juadah bebuka..Nasi, lauk2, air suma sendirian berhad..

Then, terawih laa..Kalau dulu, pegi terawih dengan member2..Borak2, sembang2 topik2 remaja laa..Terawih pun sesama Malaysian..NOW, terawih sesama Arabian..Malaysian ada laa 5 to 10 people..But Arabian baca sedap laa, belagu je ayat2 al-Quran..

Aiii, semakin besar, semakin banyak cabaran..
Hypothesis accepted =)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

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